Bethel Springs News

By: T.C. Williams

Willie C., Tamela and Chasity Sain motored to Long View, TN and Murfreesboro this weekend to celebrate the 4th with daughter and granddaughter, Eric and Jayla Jones. Also to Murfreesboro to visit with Carline Lois Martin and family. 

Rubye Strickland is on the sick list. She is very sick. Our prayers are with her and family. 

Robert C. Wiley and Vivian had their grandchildren with them for a visit. They attended morning service at New Bethel.

L.C. Shelton and Theresia are at home this weekend. They will attend the Shelton family reunion in Corinth this weekend.

Justin Shoots Celebrated his birthday last week. Happy Birthday. 

Smile, be happy, laugh a lot. Don’t shed another tear. Wonderful life is waiting for you. So face it without fear. Courage my friend, and trust be with you. Accomplish each task with a grin. Hang in there, you will make it, I know. Remember your God, you have him.