Bethel Springs mowing under way, gravel to come

By John Philleo

The Bethel Springs Board of Mayor and Aldermen reported it had purchased a used 1995 tractor with bushhog and rollover protection for $12,000, then took the Bushhog back to the seller because it didn’t work, and got $1,000 back. The adjusted payment was $11,000.

The city already had a bushhog that works with the mower, and the maintenance department reported it had been busy mowing since the purchase.

The board voted Monday to spend up to $2,500 for a new riding lawnmower.

The board also voted to put down gravel on Charnell and Wildwood streets at a cost of $2,300. A Charnell resident pleaded that her street be paved, but Mayor Kay Cox said the city didn’t have the money.

“Those two streets, if the board goes along with me, will be the first ones paved,” she said. 

The board also voted to fix a culvert on main street that is becoming dangerous; clean out a ditch across from City hall; and to accept a bid of $2,230 to build a fence around the sewage lifting station.

The board gave the owners of 6891 Hwy. 45 N. 30 days  to clean up their property before the city steps in, and it was also noted that other properties are to follow.