Bethel Springs budget passes

By Jeff Whitten

The Bethel Springs Board of Aldermen passed the budget for the next fiscal year at a special meeting.

The meeting, held June 30, passed the budget on second and final reading.

The budget was passed on first reading at the regular meeting in June.

The new fiscal year for the town began on the same day the budget was passed.

Revenues of $173,204 for the general fund are unchanged.

Expenditures of $130,000 are up from $125,018 the previous year.

The balance in the fund is projected to be unchanged from the previous year at $104,153.

Revenues for the water fund are estimated to rise from $141,586 the previous year to $165,000.

 Water fund expenditures would be unchanged at $44,053 under this budget.

However, the water fund deficit is projected  to fall from $107,185 to $77,185.

Local taxes will be unchanged at $44,307, state taxes at $52,172 and state street aid at $22,982. Other sources of revenue are also unchanged at $53,743.

Expenditures in the general fund for salaries are unchanged at $74,099.

Water salaries wil remain the same at $44,053, as will other water expenditures at $92,070.