Bethel Alderman cited for revoked license

By Jeff Whitten

Bethel Springs Alderman Bobby Gray was cited for driving on a revoked license on July 7, according to Trooper Kennie Lamberth of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Lamberth told the Independent Appeal that Gray was known to be driving on a revoked license. He said he observed Gray driving and stopped him.

The tag reader indicated Gray did not have a McNairy County tag.

When asked for his driver’s license, Gray presented a non-driver’s license Tennessee identification.

Lamberth said it had been 10 years since Gray’s last violation.

According to the Tennessee Court Information System, Gray pleaded guilty to driving on a revoked license and failure to yield in 2002.

Lamberth said that Gray called a licensed driver and pulled his vehicle into the driveway of a friend.

Gray, when contacted for comment, did not deny that he was driving on a revoked license.

When asked to explain why he had not restored his license he said, “I have Alzheimers, I can’t see, and I have high blood sugar.”

“I don’t drink no more,” he added.

Gray’s court date is Aug. 12.