Attempted murder Charge filed against shelton

By Christen Coulon

Attempted murder Charge filed against shelton

The alleged perpetrator of a serious assault and theft in northern McNairy County was apprehended at the scene Aug. 19. Brandon E. Shelton was charged with attempted second degree murder, aggravated assault, theft of property and criminal trespass in the case and is being held at the McNairy County Jail on a $100,000 bond. An attempted murder conviction could carry a penalty of up to 12 years in prison.

According to Robert Hitchborn, an investigator for the McNairy Sheriff’s Department, Shelton was in the process of removing $40 worth (approximate scrap value) of chain link fence when he was approached by Isiah Matthews, the property owner, who held Shelton at gunpoint.  Matthews then attempted to detain Shelton at the scene and contacted authorities regarding the alleged theft. 

Matthews reported to investigators after he had made the 911 call that Shelton rushed him, kicked him in the face, and put him in a choke hold. He then is reported to have removed the gun from Matthews holster.

The accounts from the two men differ at this point with each claiming that the other planned on pulling the trigger. An examination of the evidence revealed that the primer on the bullet had been struck, but misfired, Hitchborn said. “Somebody pulled the trigger.” 

Following the misfire, Matthews reported that he was beaten with the gun, which was destroyed during the scuffle, and then there was a brief struggle with a machete before police arrived.

“I saw Mr. Matthews to the right side of the roadway sitting on the ground about eight feet from the road side with his hands in the air and his head covered with blood,” The reporting officer Deputy Randal Sanders said. “To the left front of Mr. Matthews of about four feet I saw Mr. Brandon Shelton standing and when Mr Shelton (saw) me, he immediately fled into the woods.”  

Sanders stated that Shelton came out of the woods about 10 minutes later and surrendered to deputies. 

Matthews was taken to the Med in Memphis and has since been released. He is now in the care of friends and neighbors and is beginning his long recovery. He said that his doctors have said that a full recovery could take more than six months.

“A thief can instantly be a murderer,” Matthews said urging others that may find themselves in a similar situation to take caution.

Shelton’s attorney, George Douglas Norton Jr. is claiming that Shelton acted in self defense. 

“We are looking forward to his day in court,” Norton said.

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