APMC manages setbacks; prepares for job fair

By Andrew Alexander

Adamsville’s newest industry, American Powersports Manufacturing Company, is being forced to reschedule hiring because of complications with space availability inside the old Garan building.

According to the CEO of APMC Don Hopper, the company has pushed back the job fair originally scheduled for mid-July to a later date toward the end of August.

The delay in hiring has come from APMC’s inability to remove items that have been stored in the facility they leased from the city of Adamsville.

“We’re at a waiting point,” said Hopper. “When the removal of the items stored on the top floor of the building is complete, we can move on to our next phase.”

APMC will not remove the stored items on its own for fear of the legal repercussions of doing so.

To remedy the issue, the city of Adamsville has sent letters to individuals who have rented space at the old Garan building requesting they come to remove their storage.

“We really can’t take possession of the top floor of the building until those items are removed,” said Hopper. So, APMC is currently at a stand-still.  

 According to Hopper, the entities still present on the top floor of the building are items from the recycling center, materials owned by the Parks and Recreation Department, items from Feed the Homeless group, some scrap metal materials, and what Hopper described as a “massive amount of yard sale stuff.”

The setback has not hampered the physical improvement of the facility as a whole.

Hopper says that APMC has completed many renovations on the bottom floor of the facility that were necessary steps in making the building operational.

Hopper noted a new gable roof on the docking area of the building and also mentioned that Pickwick Electric Cooperative has been more than helpful in addressing electrical issues with the building and changing out old transformers.

“PEC is one of the best utility service companies we’ve worked with,” said Hopper. “We didn’t even have to call them; they called us. We’ve been all over the country and haven’t had service like that.”

There are still electrical issues on the top floor of the Garan building, which Hopper plans to make the production and office portion of their operation.

“Why would we do a job fair if we have nowhere to put the workers?” Hopper jokingly inquired.

APMC plans to hire up to 185 people when the building is ready for production.

The company has already hired five individuals from McNairy County, and according to Hopper, there are more than 400 applications currently turned in at Adamsville City Hall.

“We want to put the people in McNairy County back to work first and foremost,” said Hopper. “Our main goal is to keep hiring local. When we fill the unemployment void in McNairy County, we will reach out to other counties.”

APMC is using local resources to renovate the old Garan building, and has already spent between $8,000 and $10,000 renovating the facility.

“When all is said and done, we will spend somewhere between $180,000 and $190,000 to finish renovations, and that includes re-roofing the entire facility,” said Hopper.

Hopper also commended the city of Adamsville for its generosity and patience saying, “Adamsville has got to be the most accommodating group of people we’ve ever been involved with.”