And then there were two: Pusser-Garrison bows out of October election

By Andrew Alexander

Pusser-Garrison, who has served as Adamsville City Commissioner from 1997 to the present, has respectfully bowed out of the upcoming October election. 

Multiple Sclerosis and the stresses of office are just too much to bear, according to Pusser-Garrison.

“I decided, with my family’s urging, that I will not run in the 2011 election,” said Pusser-Garrison. “My doctor signed off for me to enter but wasn’t too keen on the idea. He told me I needed to take some stuff off my plate.”

Pusser-Garrison’s husband, Jamie Garrison, feels like the decision is a good one saying, “I feel like it will be much better for her health.”

Pusser-Garrison feels that she has served Adamsville well in her 14 years in office and that she is proud to have worked with the current city commission and Adamsville’s Mayor David Leckner.

“The team that I’m serving with now has been one of the greatest team efforts I’ve ever had the privilege to serve with,” said Pusser-Garrison. “Everything was handled professionally, and we’ve gotten a lot done in the last two years.

“I can’t be more proud of our mayor David Leckner, our city commissioners, our city manager Steve Simon, and all the employees of the city of Adamsville.”

Pusser-Garrison plans to continue the annual Buford Pusser Festival, and will have a hand in promoting tourism within McNairy County despite no longer being in office.

“I’m going to miss it tremendously, but I’m going to do whatever I can with the Buford Pusser Museum and through tourism to continue devoting my time to Adamsville,” said Pusser-Garrison. “I think I can still do quite a bit from the sidelines to continue improving our city.”

Incumbent commissioner Frank Lacey and former mayor of Adamsville Tommy Morris remain on the ballot for the Oct. 1 election in which they will both be chosen as Adamsville City Commissioners.