AiM pulls off wonderful rendition of Fools

Arts in McNairy did not miss their mark with their most recent production of the comedy Fools, a brilliantly amusing Neil Simon play set in a Ukrainian town cursed by stupidity.

 The cast of ten enjoyed hardy laughter that filled McNairy Central’s Little Theater, and echoed throughout the hallways of MCHS over the weekend while audiences were treated to a humorous tale of love and perserverance. 

Director Caleb McLean, who has been working with AiM for nearly a decade, was happy with the turnout for his most recent production. 

“I liked it... I was actually pleased with the numbers we had,” said McLean. “I didn’t expect tons, but I was glad with the number we did have.”

AiM is currently in the midst of a series of productions in their season entitled, “A Season of Believing,” in which their plays deal with “make believe or things being broken,” according to McLean.

Up next for AiM will be their November production of The Rented Christmas, a play written by  Norman C. Ahern, Jr. and Yvonne Ahern, and will be directed by Jared A. Walters, who played Count Gregor Yousekevitch in Fools.

  “It’s a show about a guy who has never really had a real Christmas, so he decides to go to a company and rent one,” said Walters. “It’s a comedy with a little bit of a romantic story in it as well. It’s going to be showing in November, and I think it’s going to be a really good Christmas show that will kind of get everybody ready for the upcoming holiday season.”

The Rented Christmas will begin Nov. 18-20 at the Little Theater in McNairy Central High School.

 AiM will wrap up “A Season of Believing” with two additional productions, Alice in Wonderland and Into the Woods, that will hopefully be preformed at the Latta Building in  downtown Selmer, according to McLean.