Adamsville promotes recycling program

By Emily Pitts

Adamsville promotes recycling program

Staff Photo by Emily Pitts

You might have noticed something new on display in front of City Hall for the last month if you drive through Adamsville.

The model of the Statue of Liberty sitting on the lawn is made out of materials that can all be recycled in the City of Adamsville. Lady Liberty has a cardboard body covered in plastic bags, a head and arms made of plastic 2-liter bottles, hands made of aluminum foil, a crown of 3-ounce drink bottles, and a torch made of Monster Energy Drink cans.

 “It’s kind of a play on ‘Bring me your tired, your poor...’; instead, it’s bring me your paper, your cans, your plastic,” said Steve Simon, City Administrator.

You may have already seen the statue on display at the Buford Pusser Festival, but it was moved to City Hall about a month ago.

 The statue was made by Kathy Davis, who works at City Hall, to promote the recycling program.

 “We have started a recycling program in Adamsville to keep the recycling out of the landfill and bring in extra money for the city,” said Davis.

The recycling program is a curbside service; customers are not required to sort their recyclable materials, just put them out in a bag to be picked up every other Wednesday. The materials are taken to 501k Recycling in Lexington, Tenn., and Adamsville receives a portion of the money from the recycling.

The program began in March and has since collected 4,200 pounds of recyclable materials. As of right now, there are 73 customers in the city. If they reach 100, Davis says the plan is to open up the program to the county, so that people from every town can bring their recycling to City Hall.

According to Simon, there have been a number of comments on the statue, and it is certainly doing its job to raise awareness within the city. 

For more information about the Statue of Liberty or Adamsville’s recycling program, call City Hall at (731) 632-1401.