‘Boomer’ Taylor wins Pinewood Derby

Andrew Alexander

‘Boomer’ Taylor wins Pinewood Derby

Derby champion, Darren “Boomer” Taylor (Front Row, second from left) poses with trophy and other competitors May 14 in Jackson.

McNairy County’s own Darren “Boomer” Taylor came home toting championship hardware after the first ever Pinewood Derby for special needs children was held May 14.

“Boomer’s car got off to a slow start but got faster as he raced to the finish line,” said mother, Linda Taylor. “He was the final winner of the Pinewood Derby race...”

The event was hosted by the Fellowship Bible Church’s Activity Barn in Jackson, Tenn. two Saturdays ago.

Twelve special needs competitors, assisted by Jackson area Cub and Boy scout troops, fashioned their derby racers  and put them into action in what will become an annual event.

Girls raced against girls, and boys raced against boys until the field was whittled down to just four individuals (Girls’ and Boys’ 1st and 2nd place contestants).

Taylor placed second during the qualifying heats and then defeated the Boys division’s first place contestant, David Buback, earning a place in the championship race.

Culminating the event, Taylor and his green STP derby car took on and defeated Jayuanna Koonce’s hot pink racer for the first ever Pinewood Derby Championship.